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TB (tuberculosis) screening

New International Students from high risk countries are invited for Latent TB (tuberculosis) screening. Further details about TB screening are provided in the TB screening leaflet at the bottom of the page.

For University of York only: The TB Team will send you an email (from the International office) inviting you to one of the screening sessions on campus during ‘Freshers week’ and registration week for Postgraduate students. This is the best and least disruptive option as your studies are not affected.

Any students who do not attend for these initial sessions, provided you have registered with a GP in York, and you were born in a country with a high risk of TB, will be sent an appointment for clinics at York Hospital, in the coming months of your 1st semester. Please see the Flags Poster below for a list of the countries with a high risk of TB.

This TB screening is an important health check even if you have had a BCG vaccination. The Department of Health in the UK recommends that you have full TB screening even though you may be well and may have had a chest x-ray as a Visa requirement. This screening is FREE.

TB can remain in the body in a latent (dormant) form and you would not have no knowledge of if or when you have became infected in the past, as the infection produces no signs or symptoms and you may have been exposed many times in a high risk country during your early years. There is a 10-15% chance of the infection developing into TB disease, especially as you adjust to a new culture and climate with all the added pressures of study. Latent TB infection can be identified and treated early, thereby reducing the possibility of you becoming ill with TB disease during your stay in the UK.

Taking advantage of this free service and any treatment necessary will help ensure that you remain healthy to complete your studies. The screening is simple and will consist of a health interview & a skin test, a blood test and /or chest x-ray may be advised depending on results.

Some International Students may have had a ‘health check’ in their own country and should bring evidence of this to the screening appointment e.g. Certificate of Health or Chest x-ray report.

You can contact the TB Team on tb@hdft.nhs.uk with any TB screening enquiries.

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