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What happens... at a Sexual Health clinic

A sexual health clinic is also referred to as an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) clinic and in York this service is known as the YorClinic. If you need to visit the STI clinic (YorClinic) you can either make an appointment over the phone or just turn up and wait for an appointment. Check appointment and drop in times here.

You will be given a form to fill in about the purpose of your visit and an extra form if it is your first visit to the Monkgate clinic.

When it is your turn you will be called through either by your name (or the name you have given) or by your date of birth (the choice is yours).

You may see a doctor or a nurse. They will ask a series of questions to get an overview of your health risk. There will be questions about your sexual history and methods of contraception you've used.

You will probably be asked to provide a urine sample or a self-taken vaginal swab and you will also be offered a blood test (for HIV and syphilis). If you have any symptoms or specific concerns you will also be offered an examination.

Results will be texted to you a week later and you may then be asked to get in touch with the clinic to discuss them further.

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