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Doctor's Surgery

Doctor's Surgery

On arriving in York, you will need to register at a doctor's surgery. You can choose any local surgery. Your nearest can be found here. Your doctor's surgery will generally be your first point of contact with medical professionals. Doctor's surgeries have several doctors (GPs) and nurses who can prescribe medication as well as offering specialist services, such as travel clinics and contraception clinics. Doctor's surgeries also have emergency appointments and out of hours services.

You should register at a doctor's surgery as soon as possible when you arrive, especially if you have an existing illness. You will need to fill in a form with medical and personal information. When you change address you will need to let your doctor's surgery know. You should be able to fill in a change of address form.

If you are studying at the University of York or York St John University there are doctor's surgeries on both campuses, referred to as Health Centres, with expertise in student health issues.

University of York Health Centre

York St John University Health Centre

Make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse by calling into the surgery in person or ringing on:

01904 721820 for the University of York Health Centre

01904 724775 for York St John University Health Centre

Both health centres also offer the opportunity to register for an online appointment booking service.

If you are studying at Askham Bryan College or York College you should register with a doctor's surgery close to where you live.

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