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Diarrhoea and Vomiting


Diarrhoea and Vomiting tend to be caused by either the norovirus or food poisoning.


Vomiting usually passes within 12 hours but diarrhoea may take a couple of days to clear. Most types of virus are highly infectious. It is spread through poor hygeine and so your chances of coming down with these symtpoms are reduced by washing your hands throroughly after going to the toilet.


The best way to deal with both symptoms is to refrain from eating solid food until the vomiting/diarrhoea has stopped. Instead drink lots of water and other soft drinks. You need to continue taking in salt and sugar. Sugar will give you more energy. It is not advisable to take anti-vomit or anti-diarrhoea drugs, as you need to clear the viruses as soon as possible.

If you notice any blood then get in touch with your doctor’s surgery.

You should not return to college or university until 48 hours after your diarrhoea has stopped. This will reduce the spread of infection.

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